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We are a Bilingual Private Educational Center that provides a quality school educational teaching service and whose main objective is to impart in our students knowledge in multiple areas such as science, arts and sports; We seek to train people of good with high ethical, moral and social values ​​that in the future can develop in an efficient and effective way before the challenges that will require both their subsequent university education and life itself.

We are an educational family that takes into account each of its members; students, parents, teachers and the community itself; It reflects the values ​​of honesty, responsibility, punctuality, love, friendship, respect, justice, honesty, tolerance and solidarity and without the support of each of its members, all efforts made could not be achieved.



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To be recognized as one of the best schools and referents of Arequipa, both for the knowledge and the education provided, and for the quality of our students and graduates; Likewise, to be able to adapt to the challenges that the environment poses to us both at a technological, pedagogical, communicational and training level, knowing how to maintain our standards of educational quality and values, growing both in infrastructure and in the number of members that make up the Stanforina family.


The school venue will receive an emotional ligament again, this time with the famous Arequipeño poet Mariano Melgar, as his inspiring muse: Silvia, recorded the same courtyards that we share when attending classes every day; Thus, we establish Institutionally strong artistic roots, human development and training in values ​​in the 3 levels of educational service we provide: Initial, Primary and Secondary.

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